Stichting Onderwijs Oost-Afrika

Ondersteun de self-help scholen in Oost-Afrika

Stichting Onderwijs Oost-Afrika, Amsterdam (Education for East Africa Foundation, Amsterdam)

Imagine you are born in a displaced persons area on the edge of the city of Khartoum, Sudan. You are nine or ten years old and you want to learn how to read and write. You parents have fled from the war in the south or the west of Sudan. Your mother, who has never been to school herself, works as a washerwoman in one of the richer parts of town. Your father is a day labourer in the construction business. There’s no chance of getting into an expensive private school or of being admitted to a state school, because you’re older than seven. But fortunately the 'self-help school' is there for you. This school, set up by local volunteers, has no admission requirements and the registration fee depends on what you can spare. A self-help school like this is your only chance to go to school! And who knows where you can go to from there.

There are several of these usually mixed gender self-help schools to be found in the districts around Khartoum, existing either with or without support from the church. The majority of them are registered with the Ministry of Education, which means they follow the official curriculum and are inspected by school officials, though they do not receive any financial support from the state. Yet support is what they all urgently need.

Initiatives like these are not confined to Sudan. In countries like Eritrea and Ethiopia, too, education is unfortunately of marginal concern for the state. Here, too, locals make efforts to try and give their children a better education and a better future.

This is the sole reason why the East Africa Education Foundation has been set up. The Foundation seeks funds from the private sector, institutions and business in the form of monthly gifts (an amount of € 10 a month is already most welcome) to pay the salaries of the teaching staff. Single donations which help to finance maintenance, teaching materials and other necessities are also much appreciated. In this way the Foundation is able to give the self-help schools and other initiatives in the field of education the financial support they otherwise lack, thereby offering the poorest children in the country the chance of a carefree childhood and a hopeful future.

Donations from the Netherlands are transmitted to the schools directly, against the current exchange rate. Both the board members and the local intermediaries supervise the expenditure of the donations at no personal benefit to themselves.

Stichting Onderwijs Oost-Afrika was established in August 2010 and is registered with a public notary. In July 2011 the Foundation received the not-for-profit (ANBI) status with retroactive effect.

The Foundation aims to offer underprivileged children in the region the chance of an education, so that they may later function in society independently. It does so by providing financial and material support to educational institutions by raising funds in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Foundation is managed by volunteers and is a not-for-profit organization. The board consists of Djûke Poppinga, chair, Marijke Wessel, secretary, and Rianne Tamis, treasurer.

Policy plans and annual reports by Stichting Onderwijs Oost-Afrika will be sent on request.



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